Welcome Back!

Well, that wasn’t what I expected to happen, was it?

It’s been a pretty long time since I last updated this blog. I promised you a Persona 5 post and then didn’t deliver at all. A lot has happened in the last seven months. In (as far as I can remember) chronological order, I:

  • got in a car accident, in which my beloved Corolla was totaled and had to be replaced
  • interviewed for new jobs
  • lost my grandmother, who died due to complications from pulmonary fibrosis
  • accepted a job offer
  • was diagnosed with digestive problems, from which I’m still recovering
  • transitioned to a new job

Honestly, it’s not a lot, but the complications of all that kept me from regularly updating my blog. The Persona post was drafted, but not reviewed for publishing. I’m hoping to turn that around soon – there’s not a lot of work left to do on it.

Beyond that, I do still have some aspirations for this blog. I am still unsure of the long-term projects; I still need to think about them some more. But I do have some short-term projects, which I will detail to you all right now.

For December, I want to write a series of posts about the various books, music, games, films, and TV shows that I’ve read that have shaped my experience this year. I call it “My Year in Media.” I won’t share the topics I’ve chosen to write about for this – I hope you’ll stop by the site and read them as they pop up! I’m hoping to write about 4-5 posts, ideally one for each medium (i.e. one for music, one for games, one for films, one for books, etc.). I remember when I initially came up with the idea for this blog, I wanted to kick it off by talking about my favorite experiences in 2016, but by the time I was able to start the blog, it was so far into the year that I felt it was too late to really talk about that stuff. I’ve repurposed that idea for this upcoming series of posts.

Thank you very much for your time! I hope you’ll stop by again soon.

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