Rainy Mondays, vol. 3 – “Patches”

Welcome back! I hope you are feeling good today.

Hearkening back to my post on Project Diva Future Tone, I thought for this week’s Rainy Mondays I’d write about some Vocaloid music.

After Hatsune Miku’s introduction to the world and subsequent popularity across the globe, it makes sense to me that there would be creators outside of Japan interested in utilizing Vocaloid’s technology for creative pursuits. Alongside their Japanese counterparts, there are plenty of talented Vocaloid producers stateside. Perhaps the most prominent among them (in my estimation) is CircusP, a young songwriter from the Northeastern United States. His songs have a very strong electro flavor to them, with very fraught lyrics. He also has an indelible knack for writing melodies. One of his best is “Patches,” wherein he drops the tempo by about 20-30 BPM and offers some more healing thoughts. Though the linked version above uses KAITO and Dex’s voicebanks, it is actually a slight rework of the original, which features Circus’ real voice. (Alongside him in that version is KenjiB, who, thanks to tracks like “Pushing Daisies,” is equally adept at producing and songwriting.) When listening to his other works, I find myself hoping that Circus will find some inner peace and joy. With “Patches,” it sounds like he’s on his way to uncovering it.

“Patches” is part of CircusP’s most recent album, 715715 is available on Bandcamp.

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