Drifter Direct, January 2018

Good morning, everyone! In lieu of a Rainy Mondays, I wanted to write a little bit on the state of things with this blog. I hope to publish something like this at the end of each month.

This month has seen the greatest amount of traffic in my blog’s lifetime! I still get very few pageviews overall, but it’s heartening to see a few people check my blog out. I’ve even gained some followers, all of whom are, in my opinion, fun writers who pick great stuff to write about. I’m happy that you all enjoy my posts, at least when I’m able to post. For my followers and passersby, thank you very much for reading!

I paid for this URL back in April 2017 to try my hand at blogging regularly. As you can see, content did not get posted in any regular interval until late November. That’s because, I feel, I never sat down to ask myself what the purpose of the blog is. After New Year’s rolled past, I took some time to think about how I would answer that question.

I want to bolster my writing abilities as much as I can. I’ve always written journals, so it’s not difficult for me. I’ve been trying my hand at all kinds of formats that I’m unfamiliar with, like poems, lyrics, and more figurative writing in general. I’ve encountered lots of great criticism online through the likes of folks like Digibro, Lindsay Ellis, and Nick Creamer, which has affected my relationship with media in a positive way. I’ve never felt confident in constructing an argument through writing. I’ve been inspired by the people I’ve linked above and would really like to try my hand at using this blog as a springboard for more analytical content.

That said, I find I don’t have a lot of time to construct the arguments that I envision in my head. I have a My Year in Media post for A Silent Voice that is stuck in draft mode because I don’t know how to narrow the focus. If I had more time, it would have probably been finished by now. At this time, I still work on it when I have time, but it’s not top priority. I hope to turn out a few pieces like this every year.

Beyond that, I want to churn out some more regular content for the site. I’ve been considering writing mini reviews of the manga that I’ve been reading, because a lot of my free time during my commute home has been reading manga and books. The only issue is that I’m currently midseries for most of what I’m reading. I’d prefer to follow something from the start to the end.

I recently acquired most of Soul Eater via an eBay auction. I decided to pilot a mini review series with that manga. One of my all-time favorite blogs is Slightly Biased Manga, which features a huge archive of reviews. I can’t hold a candle to Connie, that blog’s author, but it sounds fun to do some regular writeups of each new volume I pick up. If writeups on Soul Eater are successful, this will hopefully amount to several new posts in shorter intervals. I’ll start reading Soul Eater in early February; hopefully I will see more updates spaced out throughout the month.

Overall, I’m happy with the growth I’ve seen over the past few months. I hope implementation of some new content types will result in more posts and more growth. Thank you very much for reading! I hope to share more with you soon.

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