CircusP – “Dream”

January 30th was the 9th birthday of Megurine Luka, CV03 in Crypton Future Media’s line of Vocaloid voice banks. Luka happens to be my favorite of Crypton’s, and maybe my favorite in general. I love the tone of her voice, and of all the Crypton banks, her English is the most coherent. To celebrate her anniversary, CircusP released a new song, “Dream.”

I’ve featured Circus on this blog before, and this is definitely another highlight for him. Luka’s tuning is great, and I like the attempts at dreamy imagery in the lyrics. I’m not sure I agree with the trend of instrumental choruses in pop songs (like in Amber and Luna’s “Lower”), but in this case, it adds tension to what Luka’s talking about.

“Dream” is currently available exclusively on YouTube. Give it a watch above and consider supporting Circus via his Patreon or Bandcamp!

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