Rainy Mondays, vol. 8 – “Sen to Rei”

I miss talking about music on this blog. Let’s talk about a favorite of mine, Sakanaction.

Sakanaction is a rock band from Sapporo, who formed in 2005 and has been active ever since. From their humble beginnings, they eventually achieved a number one album with their latest, 2013’s Sakanaction. The above, “Sen to Rei,” comes from their third album, Shin-shiro.

I love Sakanaction because they sound very much like a modern take on late 70s/early 80s new wave, like XTC or Talking Heads. I especially love their willingness to wear their dance music influences on their sleeve. This song doesn’t feature much of that, opting instead to have synth icing over a guitar-heavy cake. That said, it’s set at a very danceable tempo, and I love the rhythm with which Yamaguchi Ichirō delivers the lyrics. I’m not entirely sure how I interpret what he’s saying here (courtesy of an English translation via kimonobeat on Tumblr), but I love the image when he sings, “at the exact moment it hits 12:00 AM/I’m space, worn out from my night flight.”

Shin-shiro, along with all of Sakanaction’s albums, is available on iTunes.

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