Perfume at Japan Night, August 2014

I’ve been listening to Perfume a lot lately – “Mugen Mirai” has inspired me to go back through their early catalog again.

Here’s a clip of Perfume performing “Edge,” off their Triangle album, to a crowd of about 50,000 or so people. As they are known to do, they completely shut it down. Give it a listen!!

Rainy Mondays, vol. 9 – “Mugen Mirai”

I’m calling it now: if the Chihayafuru manga maintains consistent quality as it goes on, this site will become a dedicated fansite for that series.

This is Perfume’s latest single, released last Wednesday, and as with every Perfume single since 2011, it is a tie-in song. This one is the theme song for the third live-action Chihayafuru film, released in Japan last weekend. You may recall in my review of Chihayafuru vol. 1 that Perfume previously recorded a theme for the first film. Continue reading