Chihayafuru, vol. 2

chyfr2.pngChihayafuru got off to a great start, probably the best in a manga I’ve read for a long time. The second volume adds some more dimension to Chihaya’s character, making me fall even more in love with her and the series in the process.

The last volume left Chihaya, Taichi, and Arata on a cliffhanger in their first karuta tournament. This volume picks up right where that one left off, where Chihaya sadly loses her match. After this, the three graduate from their elementary school. Then there’s a timeskip to the present day, which I found a bit more compelling.

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Chihayafuru, vol. 1

chyfr1.pngChihayafuru is a series I’ve always wanted to get into, but a number of excuses kept me away. First, I was scared of it being so long. Then I was trying to hold out for a physical release after it got released digitally. Amazon recently had a deal on the volumes of this series currently out, so I caved. I’m glad I did, because this was a really great intro volume. Continue reading