Impressions: Tamako Market, eps. 1-4


Welcome back, everyone! I hope that you’ve been doing well. The blog has slowly been filling up with posts, but I notice there have been no posts on anime or manga yet. Though not my favorite medium by any stretch, I certainly spend a fair chunk of my time watching anime.

As part of the blitz of holiday sales sweeping the United States (and possibly other parts of the world) now, I spent more money than I probably should have on anime Blu-rays. Thanks to the incredible adaptation of A Silent Voice that I had the pleasure of seeing in October, I decided to buy box sets of anime created by Kyoto Animation. Kyoto Animation (colloquially known as KyoAni) is known for its crisp character designs and smooth animation. Over the last ten years, they’ve produced a string of lasting hits. Ask anyone to name their favorite anime series of the last ten years – or, hell, even five – and chances are good that they’ll name at least one show by this studio. RCAnime’s video on their studio ethics deemed them “the Pixar of Japan,” and I’d say that’s a fair assessment, at least in terms of production values. Continue reading